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GYMSIM Benefits

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Low Cost Roaming

Gymsim is a GSM mobile network operator with a twist... our unique pre-pay Sim cards are specifically designed to be used while traveling worldwide. Like other networks, we offer a complete service with calls, texts and data, but the difference is that we charge 10 times less for roaming abroad.

Not only do we offer local rates while roaming, but we also offer very low cost international calls.

Our aim is to make it economical for crew to use their mobile phones, on just one number, as they travel from country to country, worldwide.

Free Incoming Calls

With other roaming phones, when you travel you will pay from €0.25 – €3.50 per minute to receive calls. Gymsim bypasses these expensive roaming costs, this means it is FREE to receive calls in most countries. Even if you are in a country where there is an incoming fee – rest assured it will be lower then any other provider.

Low Cost International Calls

Local Sim cards are expensive to use when making international calls. If using a roaming phone, you may have a reduced rate to call back to your home country, but it will be expensive to call any other country. Gymsim has excellent international rates to all countries.

Our rates are Substantially cheaper then local sim cards and are also often cheaper then using a local land line.

Total Global Coverage

As most other networks are not designed specifically for roaming, they do not concentrate on developing total global coverage. Gymsim has bilateral agreements with over 570 Networks in 215 Countries worldwide.

This means you can use your phone in almost every country globally.

Local Calling

Like incoming calls, when roaming with other phones you wil pay €0.40 - €5.00 per minute to make calls. Gymsim is able to bypass these roaming costs to bring local calling rates. We are sometimes even cheaper than using a local Sim card.

Low Cost Data

Other providers charge €3.00 - €9.00 per Mb used in Europe. Browsing the internet for 1 hour uses about 10Mb which will cost from €30 - €90.

Gymsim rates range from €0.75 per Mb, so 1 hour of browsing will cost €7.50.

We are still considerably cheaper then other roaming Sims & often cheaper than local pre-pay Wifi.

Free Voicemail

With other providers it is normally free to receive voicemail messages while in your home country, but as soon as you start roaming you will pay €1.00-€3.00 per minute to receive voicemail messages.

With Gymsim it is always FREE to receive voicemail messages.

Our FREE service makes huge savings.

Free Call Divert

Other companies will charge for call divert to other numbers.

With Gymsim’s unique technology, it is FREE to forward/divert your calls to many other phones.

Call divert is especially useful if you are in a country where the call costs are higher then normal. Just divert calls to a local number while you are in the country to have free incoming and low cost outgoing calls again.

Long Sim Life

With other providers, their Sim cards and all credit will normally expire after only 1-4 months of non use.

At Gymsim, we realise many crew may leave yachting for a long period before returing.

Our non use Sim expiry is a long 12 months. Just top-up once in that period to extend for another year. We will also always update you before the expiry time to make sure you never loose your number or credit.