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Latest News: 3rd September 2011

Data sim cards shipping now. For more information annd to purchase click here

Latest News: 29th April 2011

Coming soon: GYMSIM Data roaming sim

Our latest offering boasts the following features:

Low rates:
  • Rates starting from €0.75/MB for countries including France, Italy, Spain, Canada, USA, UK. For more information click here
Latest technology:
  • Download speeds of up to 14.4 MB/s
  • Utilises latest 3G+, 4G and GPRS networks
  • No monthly contract
  • Pre-pay sim
  • Billed in 124Kb increments
  • Billed only for data sent and received *

* sim credit expires after 12 months of non-use.

Latest News: 1st November 2009

Introducing the new V.2 Gymsim card upgrade

We are pleased to release a new improved version of your Gymsim card. This Free V.2 upgraded Sim card offers numerous advantages over your original Sim:

Direct Dial:

    Using the # at the end of the number dialed is no longer necessary. This brings in a number of advantages:

  • Easy to dial.
  • No need to change contacts list to add the #.
  • Your phone will recognise the telephone number of incoming calls.
  • Your Phone will remember the last number dialed, so the number can also be quickly redialed or saved.
Automatic Roaming in Italy:
  • It is no longer necessary to manually enter the "Sim Menu" and select "Extended Roaming" or "Roaming" when entering and leaving Italy.
Improved reliability and stability  
Keep the same number:
  • This upgraded Sim card will be a physical clone of your current Sim. The Balance, Telephone number and Pin will all be exactly the same as your current Sim, the only difference will be the improvements. Just pop out your original Sim card from your phone and replace it with your new upgraded Sim and you will be good to go.
A Spare backup Sim:
  • Your original Sim will still function, so you can keep it safe as a spare Sim in case of a lost phone emergency.

Click upgrade to order your new V.2 Sim card: