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At last, one number ! How good is this to have only one number, my family can call me without having to consult a list of numbers as long as your arm. There is also considerable savings. Very happy to have been converted.
murray jacob on Lady B.
Just arrived in Nuku Hiva, Marquesas in French Polynesia . Phone is working fine, problem is everyone wants to borrow it! Needless to say it's a lot cheaper than a roaming mobile, and much cheaper than a local sim to call internationally. Occasionally the callback does not work, but I try again its fine so no problems.
James Chapman on 447872224756.
Now I stopped worrying to those people especially my family and friends in Philippines who tried to find me where is my new place again.So great and convenient using gymsim.I don't need to buy simcard to different countries i have reached,it drives me crazy juggling different sims.Now I am satisfied thanks folks!!! Jim
Jaime Ramos.
Hi guys.I have been using a 423 Gymsim this season and have found it to be great.We have been from France through to Russia and everywhere in between.I have found that in every country it has orked great.Thanks a lot as it saves me having to get a sim card in every time we hit somewhere new. Shayne Wyatt Chef de Cuisine MY Tajin
Shane Wyatt.
Being in different countries all the time and coming from NZ, Eurosim has offered a great service that has proven reliable and competitive, i couldn't be happier.
Scott Hansen.
I am the mate on a busy sailing yacht and have covered both Caribbean and Med seasons in the year since I started using GYMsim. I have found the combination of free incoming calls and cheap international calls has been the greatest benefit to me as we travel regularly, and I often call back to Australia. I use GYMsim as my only phone wherever I go and in my experience can strongly recommend GYMsim to other crew.
Luke Tempest.
I've been using a gymsim in my mobile for a year while I've been cruising the Med on our HR40 Red Shoes and I have been quite happy with the service. I would recommend it to any traveler.
barbara robertson.
I have just recently become a part of the gymsim family and could not be more satisfied. I am the bosum on M/Y Vivere. I have been a part of the biuld of this vessel which took place at the yard in Viareggio. The boat and owners are based out of New York, so you can imagine the problems I had keeping in communication with work and family. I was put on to gymsim by a colleague who loved the no roaming. With the free incoming i can always be reachable and don't have to worry about those inevitable lengthy calls that we all get on a regular basis. This card has saved myself and the boss loads of money so far which always keeps us crew in a good light since we found this service, which is of course a plus. I always let the other crews know about it and get nothing but positive feedback from them. I still communicate directly with the GYMsim lady who sold it to me for questions and top-ups which saves me time and hassle. I think this thing is a great idea for us and the industry and definately recommend trying it out.
Marshall Fisher.
Dear friends I should get my Gymsim very soon and THEN will stop having to change my numbers constantly ... sorry for that! Best regards, Yann Lythgoe S/Y Blu Bay 100ft Cat
Yann Lythgoe.
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